Kurt Widmann talks about Data Center Migration to the Cloud

Kurt_eventCloudServices.net co-founder Kurt Widmann spoke at the National Data Center Summit Series in Seattle on November 20th. The shows primary content centered on the state of the datacenter business in the Pacific Northwest as well as trends that are being seen that will affect the industry in the upcoming year. Kurt sat on the panel which discussed how migrations to the cloud are affecting the data center business. Below were the key components discussed by the members on the panel.
• As hardware is aging, organizations are migrating their work groups to the cloud at an accelerated rate
• Traditional data centers needs to find ways to monetize the migration to the cloud
• Hybrid cloud is being adopted by an increasing number of organizations
• Companies have difficulty formulating what the cost will be to migrate to the cloud from a collocated environment
Kurt spoke specifically how CloudServices.net has partnered to build a patent pending cloud assessment tool which allows companies to evaluate their entire infrastructure including: on premises, colocation, VMWare, AWS, Azure and Rackspace. An organization can use the tool to identify all active or zombie nodes that are connected to their network and then evaluate the costs to migrate to the cloud and assess any security holes that may be present. The fact is many companies don’t know where to begin when formulating their cloud migration strategy. Often times, they want to start migrating some workgroups but don’t have the resources or knowledge to make an informed decision. The tool offered by CloudServices.net is free and provides essential information needed by IT directors to make intelligent decisions about their cloud strategy.
In addition, this tool can be used by datacenters for discovery and assessment of their client’s infrastructure. It will allow them to offer solutions proactively before the client does the migration on their own without the consultation of their datacenter partner. This strategy represents a major deviation as to how datacenters have operated in the past and will most definitely shape the industry in the future. The fact is that money is leaking from the colocation landscape and into the cloud at an exponential rate. Datacenters can either adapt or begin facing declining revenue as their client’s move out or reduce their colocation footprint. This trend will only continue as more and more services are being offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure.